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Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Bracelets

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Gorgeous crystal bracelets to bring your favourite crystal with you at all times!

Amethyst: "All Healer", helps battle addictions, helps with meditation, anxiety and stress, enhances psychic abilities and protects from nightmares.

Yellow Jade: attracts harmony, wisdom, prosperity and abundance. It also provides protection.

Fire Quartz: grounding and protection, inspires optimism and positivity, restores balance and increases self-confidence

Sunstone: promotes leadership, inspires clear thinking, warmth and strength. It boosts vitality and protects from evil spirits.

Garnet: promotes courage, joy and creativity. It can help to embrace change while encouraging magic and spiritual devotion. 

Rhodonite: creativity, unconditional love, aids with attention to detail and memory. It can help one reach their full potential.

Kunzite: it aids sleep, attracts peace and harmony, boots confidence and it is known as the "Women`Stone" for helping mothers with their children 

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